Preoccupation with who rules our nation

It does not matter which national party comes into power, because all we should care about is that the kingdom of God is established among us. We do pray for those who are appointed to govern the nation, so that we may be able to worship God in peace, as Paul says in Romans 13, but our focus should be the kingdom of God.

Unfortunately, we align ourselves with the right or the left and start following their policies because of our stakes in the world. Whereas, Jesus asked us to leave the world and its things, so that we can follow him. But due to our vested interests, it is impossible to obey Jesus’ command. Jesus also asked us not to store-up our treasurers on earth but to store them up in heaven. He warned, that our heart will be where our treasure is. He also said we can’t serve two masters – God and mammon. If we love the world and its things the love of God is not in us, said the apostle John. Against all these warnings, we still have become so involved in world and its things, that the kingdom of God takes a second place.

The direction in which the kingdom of this world may go should be secondary. For us, the focus must be that God may freely rule over us, as we carry out his will in this world. God decides the agenda for our involvement in the world, and not our material possessions.

Author: austindayal

Austin Dayal is married to Shobha and lives in Adelaide, Australia. He has worked as a research scientist with the CSIRO in Melbourne and Adelaide. At present he spends most of his time in studying the scripture and writting. He is a follower of Christ Jesus.

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